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6 Steps – How to Know your ISO 9001 Certificate Is Valid Or Not?

6 Steps - How to Know your ISO 9001 Certificate Is Valid Or Not?

6 Steps – How to Know your ISO 9001 Certificate Is Valid Or Not?

The first factor you wish to try to once you are evaluating a possible provider supported their ISO 9001 certificate is a request that they supply you with a replica of the certificate itself. If the corporate is so certified, they should not have a drag providing you with a replica of their certificate. once you have it, then you’ll create the subsequent checks:

6 Steps to Find Out your ISO 9001 Certificate Is Valid or Not!

1. Solely registrars area unit allowed to grant ISO 9001 certificates. a company cannot self-grant a certificate. So, search for the name of the registrar (e.g., DNV, BSI, ABS etc.).

2. Search for the name of the certification body (e.g., ANAB, UKAS, etc.). If you see a stamp from associate degree certification body, you’ll be able to conclude if this accreditation body could be a member of the International certification Forum (IAF). If there’s no stamp from associate degree certification body on the certificate then you must be suspicious on whether or not the registrar is competent to audit. A registrar could choose to not get certification, however, that will or might not be a sign of their ability and ability. Here is associate degree excerpt from the ISO internet site:

In most countries, certification could be a selection, not associate degree obligation and also the incontrovertible fact that a certification body isn’t authorized doesn’t, by itself, mean that it’s not a reputable organization. as an instance, a certification body operative nationwide in a very extremely specific sector may get pleasure from such a decent name that it doesn’t feel there’s any advantage for it to travel to the expense of being authorized. That said, several certification bodies favor to get certification, even once it’s not mandatory, so as to be able to demonstrate associate degree freelance confirmation of their competency.

3. If there’s a registrar name on the certificate, the fastest thanks to establishing if the certificate is valid are to decision the registrar directly and raise them to verify that they need to be issued such a certificate. update their registrar what you’re attempting to try and do and that they ought to be ready to place you to bear with the precise department which will facilitate with you with such things.

4.Bear in mind that if a corporation certifies Plant A, it does not imply that Plants B and C are certified. sometimes the certificate can tell you precisely that processes and locations square measure certified. thus verify that your vendor’s specific location and processes square measure certified.

5. Make sure that the certificate has not terminated. If it has, then you’ll be able to raise the corporate the explanation why the certificate is terminated. Valid reasons may be:

  • They already had their recertification audit however the registrar didn’t offer the audit report on time and thus they were unable to answer the nonconformities on time. during this case, you must be ready to get a replica of the recertification audit report. I even have experienced this example and therefore the organization really might not be guilty.
  • They weren’t prepared for his or her recertification audit and determined to put over it. during this case, you must expect to ascertain AN audit agenda, describing the new audit date. I even have seen this example conjointly. during this case, the organization itself is admitting they need shortcomings. See if they’re really acting on rising the system.

6. If you have got it slow and access to the net, you’ll be able to really move to the registrar computing device directly and appearance for an inventory of their shoppers. a straightforward Google search may use the search words: ISO 9001 registrar.

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