ISO 9001 Quality Management Principle Number 5 – Improvement

ISO 9001 Quality Management Principle Number 5 – Improvement

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Successful organizations have an ongoing focus on improvement.


Improvement is essential for an organization to maintain current levels of performance, to react to changes in its internal and external conditions and to create new opportunities.

Key benefits of ISO 9001 Quality Management Principle Number 5 – Improvement:

• Improved process performance, organizational capabilities, and customer satisfaction
• Enhanced focus on root-cause investigation and determination, followed by prevention
and corrective actions
• Enhanced ability to anticipate and react to internal and external risks and opportunities
• Enhanced consideration of both incremental and breakthrough improvement
• Improved use of learning for improvement
• Enhanced drive for innovation
Actions you can take
• Promote the establishment of improvement objectives at all levels of the organization.
• Educate and train people at all levels on how to apply basic tools and methodologies to achieve improvement objectives.
• Ensure people are competent to successfully promote and complete improvement projects.
• Develop and deploy processes to implement improvement projects throughout the organization.
• The track, review and audit the planning, implementation, completion, and results of improvement projects.
• Integrate improvement considerations into the development of new or modified goods,
services, and processes.
• Recognize and acknowledge improvement.
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