What is the Purpose of a CE Certification?

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What is the Purpose of a CE Certification?

February 21, 2018 CE Certification CE Marking Certification Product Certification 0
What is the Purpose of a CE Certification

What is the Purpose of a CE Certification?

What is the Purpose of a CE Certification process of CE Certification, Importance of CE Marking?  

CE Certification on equipment is mandatory. It confirms it meets minimum legal requirements of the relevant Directive, which allows it to be placed legally on the market in any European member state. CE Certification gives your company simple access to the European market to sell your types of equipment without adaptation or rechecking.

CE Marking stands for Conformité Européenne and means that equipment conforms to any applicable European regulations for that equipment.

For instance, for children toys the CE Marking make secure it has passed rigorous safety checks. It also applies to electronics, machinery, medical equipment, lifts, any measurement instruments and etc…

The CE Mark looks like this: 

Importance of CE Certification

1) Make secure the safety, health and environmental protection standards are declared by the manufacturer of the equipment which is used by the customers

2) As CE Certification legislation harmonized the equipment needs to across Europe. So a manufacturer obtained right to CE Mark, his equipment can be accessed by all the European countries without any other certification requirements.

What is the CE Certification process?

You will need to:

  • Select the Directives that are applicable to your equipment
  • Select the conformity assessment procedure for your equipment and Directive
  • Decide the dates by which you must take action
  • Select if there are any Harmonized European Standards applicable to your equipment
  • Make secure the equipment complies with all the essential needs of the Directives
  • Select whether independent assessment of your conformity is required by an NB (Notified Body) such as ECT
  • Maintain Technical Documentation required by the Directives
  • Prepare the Declaration of Conformity and the mandatory supporting evidence
  • Check that no other simply national requirements exist in the country where the equipment is to be sold
  • Contact us to arrange for testing of your equipment (Call Now)
  • If all requirements are met, then you can affix the CE Marking on your equipment and or packaging

Why do you need a Notified Body for CE Certification?

If a Directive requires equipment or systems to be independently tested, certified or inspected, you will need a Notified Body for CE Marking Certification.

ECT will determine whether your equipment conforms to the essential needs listed in the related directive. This might be inspection, quality assurance, type or design examination, or a combination of these. As well as helping you to justify your equipment meets the Directive, you will benefit from our Certification expert knowledge, experience, independence, and resources.

What are the benefits of CE Marking Certification?

CE Marking Certification allows you to sell your equipment in the European countries. By implementing the requirements you may also discover that your equipment is safer and more trustworthy therefore reduce the risk of consumer dissatisfaction.

By achieving this CE Marking certificate your organization will have numerous benefits including, here are Top 4 benefits of CE Mark Certification:

  1. CE Marked equipment can be placed in the European market without any requirements for other
  2. It makes secure equipment are compliance with the needs of CE Marking Certification
  3. It gives international visibility and recognition.
  4. It is a onetime investment.

CE Mark Certificate is required if you are marketing your equipment to:

European Union (EU) member states:-

  • Austria
  • Finland
  • Greece
  • Luxemburg
  • Portugal
  • The United Kingdom
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Ireland
  • The Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Sweden

European Free Trade Association (EFTA) members

  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Norway

EU directives require all equipment to be safe and where CE Mark Certificate legislation is not applicable other EU or national legislation will apply.

Listed below are some of the misunderstandings of CE Marking Certification:-

  • CE Mark Certification is given completely by the manufacturer or sometimes manufacturer uses a third party professional advisor. It relates only to safety and health standards of equipment and is required. It is not a quality mark related to equipment
  • CE Mark Certification is not a sign that equipment so manufactured in European countries only, it means a equipment with CE Marking means it is produced anywhere in All over the world.
  • The acceptance that CE Marked equipment has been tested and approved by authority is not correct. The manufacturer or sometimes with the help of third party confirming assessment body affix equipment with CE Marking to ensure health and safety standards and equipment compliance with CE Mark Certification
  • Not all the equipment to be sold in Europe require CE Mark Certification. Some examples of the equipment that need CE Mark Certification are Machinery, Electrical products, Electronic equipment, Medical devices, toys, Personal protective products

How to get certified under CE Marking in India?

ECT is one of the leading and most affordable to giving CE Marking conformity assessment Services in India. ECT one of the well-recognized firm with Certification experts in every industry sector to implement the standard with a 100% track record of success.

Our advice, Go for it

CE Marking in India is a key investment for your equipment to get conformity mark both inside European Economic Area and outside world. If you looking at How to get CE Marking Consultants in India you can write to us at [email protected] or visit our official website at CE Certification Consultant Companies in India, Mumbai. Chennai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata and provide us your contact information so that one of our experienced consultants shall contact you to understand your requirements better and provide a best available solution in the industry.

CE Certification in India is a certification of conformity marking consisting of letters “CE” for health, safety and environmental protection standards for equipment sold within European Economic Area or outside world. Many manufacturers take responsibility by fixing CE Mark via a designated third party Certification Expert or by self-declaration to be compliant with EC directives before marketing equipment to the European countries like Germany, France etc. It gives companies international competitive edge which would enable them to place products across European countries without any restriction.

CE Certification cost in India plays a key role in market equipment at EEA. It helps you improve overall Organization image and competitiveness. It indicates product conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection legislation and confirms equipment compliance with the requirements.

CE Certification in India is an abbreviation of Conformity Europeans (French) meaning European Conformity.

If you are interested in starting the CE Certification journey, please get in touch with our team on (Mobile no.) and reach us out at [email protected] Alternatively, you can find more relevant information about CE certification and what standards are available here

If you are Searching for secrets about CE certification, Check Here top 12 secrets about CE marking certification of electrical and electronic products

How do you Get QUICK CE Marking Certification?

ECT has tested and Certified thousands of equipment to support CE Marking certification Declarations of Conformity DoC for equipment safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and energy efficiency.  Contact us today to tap the experience and skill of the ECT Certification Expert team.

You can feel free to call our CE Certification Specialists – Free 24 Hour Advice & Support +91-9501021903

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What is the Purpose of a CE Certification process of CE Certification, Importance of CE Marking? 


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