CQA Certified Quality Auditor Practice Exam Questions Answers (6th Part)

The best way to communicate audit results to upper management would be to

Which of the following authorities initially determines whether a third-party audit should be conducted?

Which of the following is the greatest benefit of an internal audit program to an organization?

For third-party audits, which two of the following factors should be considered by the auditor when agreeing to the amount of time needed to complete corrective action?

I. The resources available to the auditor for determining when follow-up can occur II. The resources available to the auditee to enact the corrective action III. The auditee’s experience in project evaluation techniques IV. The number of findings recorded during the audit

The process information shown in the graph above is indicative of a

The most important item to check when auditing against a specification is the

Which of the following indicates that a quality system is effective?

Which of the following is the best method for determining the retention policy of the audit documents?

During a supplier audit, all of the following documentation can be reviewed EXCEPT

Which of the following best describes a frequency distribution?